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A Plot War In The Mary Sue World CHAPTER LIST
  • A Plot War In The Mary Sue World

    Alternative : Mary Sue : a faithful adoptation
  • Author(s) : Lu Tianyi Yuanqi Factory ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : 2 days ago
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  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Shounen ai
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A Plot War In The Mary Sue World:

As long as there's money .He Gu can even perfectly perform Mary Sue scripts !! Yet after so many stories he's successfully performed , he met his first waterloo all of a sudden .And the meddling initiator of all this is now after him like ghost ? Splendid , then it's war on ! Mary Sue vs Anti Mary Sue , Tricks vs Anti tricks , Egoism vs Egotism .The plot between two men .Mary Sue : a faithful adoptation